Αργύρης Κουνάδης, Βαγγέλης Γκούφας, Ελένη Βιτάλη, Κώστας Καμένος, Έλενα Κωστή Και Στέλλα Γαδέδη

1975 Lyra


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Όταν Οι Κινηματογράφοι Ήταν Θερινοί Και Παίζαν Στα Διαλείμματα Τραγούδια

Giorgos Kouroupos, Stella Gadedi

1985 | Σείριος

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Σόλο Φλάουτο

Sirius, Music Box International | 1990

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Κήποι της Νύχτας

Sirius | 1996

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To βιβλίο της μνήμης

Mercury | 2001

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city 1

Sirius | 2001

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Πάντως Ήταν Νύχτα / Λα Πουπέ

Lyra| 2008

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Mona Lisa

Lyra | 2010

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Flute Alone

NAXOS | 2023

“Since I was a child I’ve been playing around with the flute’s fragile sound! Creating, destroying, challenging it; becoming disappointed with it; teaching so I can learn; playing with others … unconsciously … magically; concertos with orchestras, chamber music, modern music … all with the flute! I saw it as a challenge to play works that seek out the flute’s pure sound! Those works are like a cool breeze from the past and the future; a breeze that dynamically infiltrates into the harsh reality of cities and takes us back to a lost dream of a simpler life, a life in nature! I dedicate this CD to all future flautists!”

Stella Gadedi is an extremely talented artist with a long, impressive career as a flautist but who has also walked a parallel path as a singer and composer ( On this her 8 th personal album, we listen to her warm, expressive sound as she plays a selection of outstanding works for solo flute ranging from the pre-classical era to the 20th century –from Telemann, Marais and Piazzolla to Bozza– including one piece she wrote herself.